Elliott interviews the band Kuroma (members of MGMT) on an NYC Rooftop!

We have been constantly listening to Kuroma’s newest album “Kuromarama” for the past few weeks. It’s a really fun record with great production and extremely catchy songs with thoughtful lyrics that pop out of the choruses. A few of the songs remind Daniela and I of the days when we would dance at the gothic/alternative night club in Lyndhurst, NJ called Aldo’s (the place where we met) so these songs fit in really well in our household.

Kuroma consists of members of the hugely popular band MGMT and Elliott got to hang with singer/guitarist Hank Sullivant along with members James Richardson and William Berman on a rooftop in the East Village before their sold out Mercury Lounge show.

In the video interview below, the band members reveal that they will be releasing a new remix version of the single “Love Is On the Way” and they also give their answers to questions like “What do you think it would be like if they put palm trees all around NYC like in LA?” along with asking what it was like to work with Ben from MGMT as a producer on the newest record “Kuromarama”: