It looks like our buddy Ryan got his commercial idea stolen from M&M’s. What do you think?

Our friend Ryan who filmed our Fuck Meat and On with the Pour videos had filmed his idea for a Doritos commercial a while back and he submitted the video to them for consideration in their contest in which they choose their favorite. And just recently, a new commercial for M&M’s just surfaced and it looks awfully similar to Ryan’s Doritos commercial submission. We all know that this kind of stuff happens often, especially with bigger companies. Ryan is pretty sure that Doritos owns the property to his video since he submitted it to them but regardless, is there anything he could do? Ryan is a laid back kind of guy and we’re not going to straight up accuse this M&M’s commercial of stealing the idea, but we would love to know what you think about it. Also, Mars uses an advertising agency which is the same company who does ads for Doritos. BBDO New York works on both M&M’s and Doritos and is owned by Omnicom Group.

Take a look at Ryan’s video below, he shot his idea and uploaded it to his own youtube channel, and sent it to Doritos as well:

Now take a look at this recent M&M’s commercial. What do you think?