Elliott Interviews the Melvins Backstage at their Webster Hall Show in NYC

Elliott had the great pleasure of being able to hang out with Buzz, Dale, and Steve of The Melvins on Friday night before they went on stage at Webster Hall. In this interview, they revealed to Elliott that they will be on a cartoon show! One can only speculate which show it is but a song or two from their upcoming album “Basses Loaded” will be on the show as well. This was Elliott’s second time interviewing Buzz and his first time with the full band. In this discussion they talk about their childlike sense of humor, their thoughts on Lars’ dad in the Metallica movie “Some Kind of Monster”, their current tour lineup, David Grohl or tacos, Courtney Love, Hillary Clinton, or Jesus Christ and the list of shenanigans goes on. Check out this fun interview here:

I was able to snap a couple of photos up front during their crushing set (Buzz moved around like a Doom Rock God) and it was a reminder that I NEED to get a new camera soon. But yea, their set was amazing: