Elliott interviews SCOTT IAN from ANTHRAX!!!

Scott Ian was interviewed by Elliott at the Chiller Theatre expo in Parsippany, NJ yesterday in which they talked about many different things including getting nervous about meeting people they look up to, superheroes, horror movies, Scott’s new show “Never Meet Your Heroes” and much more. Ian offered a real treat for his fans on Sunday in which he offered his new book signed, a signed 8×10 photo of your choice, a custom guitar pick and a photo with him at his table for a package deal of $30 which was incredible and Elliott had a blast talking to him!

In this video, Scott reveals that Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains will be the guest this Thursday on his new Sirius XM show “Never Meet Your Heroes.” He also discusses the time that he met his own hero Robert Dinero after being too nervous to introduce himself the first time he saw him in the 90’s as well as the landmark moment in his life when he met one of his biggest idols, Stan Lee. He also talks about Norman Reeds and what he thought about the first episode pf the new season of The Walking Dead.

Anthrax just wrapped up their North American dates of their tour with Slayer and Scott mentioned to Elliott that he plans on having the band eventually play each song from their newest album “For All Kings” live.

You can hear many more stories in Ian’s book “I’m The Man: The Story of That Guy from Anthrax” which has received positive reviews.

You can view the full interview here: