Elliott interviews Ice-T & Ernie C of BODY COUNT: superpowers, Dave Mustaine, politicians, lemonade, racism & Bloodlust

Elliott talked with Ernie C & Ice-T at Will Putney’s Graphic Nature Audio production studio in New Jersey and they had a great conversation about superpowers, their new album, working with Dave Mustaine, politicians, the time that “The Situation” wanted to take a picture with Ice and much more. Ice and Ernie C both evidently had a great time in this interview and joked around with Elliott constantly, so Elliott also asked Ice how his lemonade stand was going at the end of the interview and got a great answer from him. Elliott also had a few of his comparison questions in this one including “Ben Carson or serial killers” and “tofu sandwiches or Hillary Clinton” to see what kind of answers he would get.

This is a fun video from start to finish and we couldn’t be more excited to be posting this, so here it is!

“Bloodlust” is out March 31st on Century Media Records:
iTunes: http://smarturl.it/iTunes-BODYCOUNT
Merch: https://www.controlindustry.com/artists-a-e/Body-Count