Corpsegrinder of Cannibal Corpse on Christmas, Peace, Humanity & Our Country’s Flawed Leadership

Elliott hung out with George Corpsegrinder Fisher of Cannibal Corpse last night for an exclusive and revealing interview before their show at Irving Plaza in NYC. This show was moved to Irving Plaza due to a literal dumpster fire that spread into the original venue Studio 48 which caused some damage, leading the building to temporarily close down.

In this interview, Corpsegrinder talks about his love of Christmas and pleads for everyone to start coming together and getting along, especially this time of year. He also mentions how our current leaders in charge are too busy fighting with each other and focusing on themselves rather than working for the people who need their help, especially people who are homeless and in poverty. (Poverty and war is what he told Elliott he’d love to rid the world of if he had the choice) He also opens up about his hope that there is some kind of life after death where we can reunite with our loved ones when Elliott asked him if he thought we’d all just end up being nothing more than rotting corpses.
 There are some fun questions from Elliott as usual, as he asked Corpsegrinder who he would choose if he had to pick a person to put in a grinder as a sacrifice to save humanity. And when asked what his personal picks would be for the “Big Four of Death Metal”, he reveals that his favorites are Obituary, Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, and Deicide. In the end of the interview, he once again mentions his dislike for our current politicians in general, calls for us to come together, and praises his fans:

Cannibal Corpse is on tour now supporting their killer record “Red Before Black” and if the rest of the shows on this tour are anything like the NY show they just played, then their fans are in for a real treat. See below for remaining dates on the tour: