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“Spooky…but sweet”

Family art & entertainment collective of 3

DANIELA FULLAM is the artist behind all of the ghouls, ghosts, monsters, creatures, goons, and half (and fully) naked girls of Little Punk People and she has been painting like a mad lady in order to keep up with her rapidly growing popularity. She creates everything from boo crew figures & hand-crafted pillow goons to custom paintings for couples and families. All of Daniela’s eye-grabbing characters have a special story to them whether they are cute and inocent, old and creepy, alive or dead, or naked and seductive. The love-horror story of Little Punk People is never-ending and we want you to be a part of it. Visit our world known as Little Punk People and stay for as long as you like. Daniela also now has her ” F**k Meat!”cooking videos on our YouTube channel which showcase her wonderful personality as she shows that she is also an artist in the kitchen!

JUSTIN FULLAM: Aside from the basic operation and promoting of Little Punk People, Justin also helps Elliott with his interviews and puts them together (shooting, editing, etc). And in his spare time, he makes the corresponding music to Little Punk People with “Hawkins.” Some of the songs come directly from a character in Daniela’s paintings and vice versa. The rest of the songs are about death, dreams, and nature. Justin also contributes overall art direction for Little Punk People as well as some of his own artwork which is used for T-shirt designs and bands that we like. Justin’s most recent addition is his “On with the Pour” beer & music pairing videos on our YouTube channel, which are entertaining and a lot of fun to make. I mean come on, beer and music.

ELLIOTT FULLAM is Daniela & Justin’s masterpiece. Elliott showed a lot of interest in being some kind of a host so in 2014 we launched his “Elliott’s Interviews” videos on our YouTube channel. With these videos, he let’s the person who he is interviewing feel comfortable and unguarded which we think is a really important factor in conducting a great interview. So far Elliott has interviewed Ghost, Keith Morris, Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, J Masicis, LOW,Jay Mewes, Malcolm McDowell, Exodus, Babes in Toyland, The Melvins, Drea de Matteo, and many more. His videos have shown up on many websites including Metal Sucks, Metal Injection,  Revolver Music, Blabbermouth, Consequence of Sound, Stereogum, Gawker, Dangerous Minds, Loudwire, Dying Scene, Metal Insider, Bleeding Cool, and many more. When he’s not having a blast at a concert, Elliott also loves hiking, drawing, collecting toys, comics, movies, and playing video games.

When we sell a painting, hand-crafted item, T-shirt, baby body suit or Little Punk People pint glass to someone, the money goes toward our bills, food, going to a show, buying a record, and some of it also goes right back into Little Punk People so we can do more things like make entertaining videos. We thank everyone immensely for their support and it means the world to us. As long as we can continue doing what we do while being able to pay the rent, we will always consider this whole thing a success. So, thanks again!

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